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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Captains Log 06.03.2006

The end of another crazy week
items of note:

* Britta went to the Hospital on memorial day for a stomach ache. Looked like it might be her apendix. Ended up just being a sore tummy.
* Annika finished 3rd grade on Thursday. On to 4th.
* I raced in the Boulder Bolder on Monday - 1 hour, 4 minutes
* I raced a Camero at Bandemere Drag strip on Thursday (free day for pastors) - went 98 mph in a quarter mile, 14.3 seconds.

Thats about it.

Next week:
* Dr. Blomberg speaks at our church on Sunday about the Di vinci Code. I had Dr. Blomberg at Denver Seminary.
* We have a parents meeting tomorrow afterr church to talk about the June Curriculum which is all about making wise choices when it comes to physical intimacy.
* We are going to Elitches on Wednesday
* We have a Parents night out fund raiser next Friday night to raise money for our missions trip.
* We have a houseboat trip on June 13 to June 17. We have 3 kids signed up. I am a bit scared.
* The youth group goes to Louisiana June 25 to July 2 to help with the relief efforts. 20 people total are going.

Thats all for now.